India’s Tata Consultancy Services among top 10 Global Companies to get foreign labour certification for H-1B visas

The H-1B visas are the most looked for after among Indian IT experts and professional.

Tata Consultancy Services is the only Indian organization among the global best 10 firms to get outside work affirmation for the H-1B visas for the financial year 2018 by getting more than 20,000 such certifications, according to official data in which Ernst and Young was ranked No 1.

The visa program enables bosses to temporarily employ foreign employees in the US on a non-immigrant basis in specialty occupations or as fashion models of distinguished merit and ability.

London-headquartered Ernst and Young, a worldwide expert administrations firm, has developed as the top employer to have received the certification, the date from the US labour department said.

Truth be told, Ernst and Young with 151,164 H-1B pro occupation work confirmations represented the 12.4 percent of all remote work affirmation for the H-1B work visas for the monetary year 2018 consummation on September 30, as indicated by the most recent yearly report discharged by the Department of Labor early this month.

Ernst and Young is trailed by Deloitte Consulting which got 69,869 H-1B strong specialty occupations labour conditions programme.

Indian-American possessed Cognizant Technology Corp comes at number three with 47,732 specialty occupations labour conditions programme, the Department of Labor said in its most recent yearly report.

Cognizant is followed by HCL America (42,820), K Force Inc (32,996), and Apple (26,833).

India’s Tata Consultancy Services or TCS is the main Indian organization in best 10 for the year 2018.

As per the Department of Labor in the financial year 2018, finishing on September 30, TCS had gotten 20,755 H-1B strength occupation work confirmations.

Qualcomm Technologies (20,723), Mphasis Corporation (16,671) and Capgemini America (13,517) are alternate organizations in best 10.

In the 2018 financial year the Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification prepared 654,360 applications for the H-1B strength occupations work conditions program, of which 599,782 were confirmed, 8,627 were denied and 45,951 were pulled back.

It got demands for 1,266,614 position of which 1,223,053 were guaranteed.

Among the positions certified, software developers and applications accounted for nearly one-fourth with 285,963 positions being certified.

This was followed by computer systems analyst (176,025), Computer Occupations (120,736), Software developers, system software (67,262), accountants and auditors (54,2410 and computer programmers (53,727).

California with 309,205 accreditations beat the rundown of States for getting most extreme H-1B work confirmation, trailed by Texas (115,484), New York (95,722), New Jersey (65,232), Illinois (56,196), Washington (52,522) and Pennsylvania (51,471).

As indicated by Department of work, a specialty occupation requires the hypothetical and down to earth utilization of a group of particular information and a four year certification or the proportional in the particular claim to fame (e.g. sciences, drug, human services, training, biotechnology, and business claims to fame, and so on.).

Congress has constrained the yearly number of qualifying foreign workers who might be issued a visa or generally be given the H-1B status to 65,000 with an extra 20,000 under the H-1B propelled degree exclusion.

Before applying for the H-1B visas the business presents a work condition application to the Department of work. Organizations can continue with the H-1B petitions, simply after they get such an accreditation by the Department of work.

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