Google is Hiring: Top 5 Google Job Openings in India

1). Technical Specialist, Ads.

Job Location: Gurugram, Haryana, India.

Eligibility Criteria and Work Experience

•BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related specialized field, or equal full time practical experience.

•Good experience in customer-facing roles like Technical Consultant, Support Engineer, Product Manager, etc. which involves hardcore continuous engagement with customers internal/external).

•Strong experience of dealing with customer side web developments and technology advancements like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on.


Abilities and skills:

•Minimum 4 years of relevant work experience as a Technical Consultant or Sales Engineer.
•Experience in an online advertising agency, and familiarity with advertisement industry and internet technologies

•Ability to code in Python or Java, and learning of databases with the capacity to build complex SQL questions.

•Team Building nature and capacity to work in bigger teams for tasks.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•Work with customers and inside partners towards foreordained business objectives.

•Understand prerequisites and offer specialized data and arrangements.

•Share best practices.

•Build associations with interior and outside clients to distinguish key difficulties proactively.

•Consistent Contribution towards product development by identifying loopholes and weaknesses in current product offerings.



2). Web Solutions Engineer.

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana.


Eligibility Criteria and Work Experience

•Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent full time practical work experience.

•2 years of hardcore coding experience in object-oriented languages like Java, C++, or Python, with a focus on web application development.

Abilities and skills:

•In-depth knowledge and experience in one of the following languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

•Experience of working with scripting dialects like Java, TypeScript or JavaScript.

•Passion for designing and involvement with unit testing, agile project development, bugs and change management systems.

•Ability to work in adaptable hours and in a dynamic workplace.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•Designing, Coding, building and implementing scalable software platforms.

•Ensure specialized arrangements are intended for easy accessibility, operational reporting, and data visualization.

•Working simultaneously with product engineers and designers to improve core platform, create applications using standard software development methods.

3). Software Engineer, Front End.

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka.


Eligibility Criteria and Work Experience

•Post graduate Diploma or Degree in Engineering or Computer Science.

•Experience of working in programming advancement with Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript, or potentially Go.

•Experience with front-end technologies or front-end systems.

•Experience with User interface design and structure.

Abilities and skills:

•Background in software engineering, with an attention on information structure and API design.

•Interest in learning other programming languages.

•Training capabilities to share information by means of formal mentoring to your junior team members and collegaues.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•Design, test, create, send, and look after Software.

•Manage resources, project deadlines and product deliveries.

•Design new client features for Google Products.

•Write customer side code for web applications, make quick, simple to utilize applications.

•Optimize web applications to expand or optimize speed and scalibility.


4). Deployment Lead, Edge Network Deployment.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Eligibility Criteria and Work Experience

•Bachelor’s qualification in specialized field or equivalent practical full time work experience

•Relevant Work Experience in telecommunication at carrier-carrier-class scale, with experience of optical networks, DWDM, IP, and data services.

•Experience in a server farm/PoP condition, with environmental controls relay rack, cabinet, cage construction.

•Experience with state, and local regulatory standards, procedures, and permitting requirements.

Abilities and skills:

•Experience working with local exchange carriers and other telecom service providers.

•Ability to learn and cooperative at different dimensions, capacities and impact basic leadership.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•Position Google resources to delivery network infrastructure projects, service orders, repair and maintenance tickets.

Work as an essential point of contact speaking to the metro space in which you live for all clients.

•Ensure proficiency consumables, devices, test sets, and different means for meeting goals.

•Lead nonstop process enhancement, and work with interior groups and outsiders to make more prominent qualities for end clients, and clients.

•Coordinate with partners to guarantee fire, security, power, HVAC, and external basic frameworks.



5). Lead UX Researcher.

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana.


Eligibility Criteria and Work Experience

•Bachelor’s certificate in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Experimental Psychology, Anthropology, Information Science, related field or equivalent full time practical experience.

•5 years of work experience in UX research or mobile experiences.

•Some good amount of knowledge or experience in field research techniques.

Abilities and skills:

•Experience in observation or conducting research with different gatherings of people.

•Proficiency in applied statistical analysis.

•Ability to exhibit the qualities and inadequacies of various research strategies.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•Create hardcore UX research program. Create methods and research plans to gather wide variety of information from different people.

•Work with architects, product managers or engineers, scientists, designers and developers to address vital questions.

•Leading the team of research assistants that conduct field studies.

•Highlght actionable insights from the research findings.

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