Microsoft to set up Artificial Intelligence Labs in 10 Indian Universities

Nearly eight per cent of GDP components in India are currently impacted by digital technologies and by 2021, 60 per cent of those will be impacted, says Microsoft’s Anant Maheshwari

Microsoft India, recently made a special declaration that it will establish Artificial Intelligence (AI) labs in 10 universities and train five lakh youth across India in disrupting technologies.

United States Based Technology giant also said it will upskill over 10,000 developers over the next three years, according to a news agency report.

Addressing media and analysts at the Microsoft R&D Centre in Bangalore, Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari also said that there is highest penetration of AI skills among the workforce that will fuel digital transformation in the country sooner than thought.

The company believes that Artificial Intelligence will help and improve Indian businesses and more for India’s progress, especially in education, skilling, healthcare and agriculture. Indian firms catching up fast in AI development and implementation.

Maheshwari pointed out that a tectonic shift is happening in AI, and they are expecting nearly 85 per cent of enterprises globally to use AI in some form or the other by 2020.

Indian firms are also gearing up very fast, said Maheshwari adding that “Almost every sector is becoming digital and that transformation is impacting every company in India.”

“With over 9,500 partners, nearly 3,000 Cloud partners and 88 own IP-ready partners, we are ready to unlock the full potential of AI, Cloud and data for the Indian firms,” IANS quoted Microsoft India President as saying.

Over 700 AI-driven enterprises in India today are driving businesses with New Age technologies.

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