Deakin University Australia Launches Cloud Campus in India

Deakin Cloud has developed an online community of a total of 60,000 students from Australia as well as couple of other countries that are a part of its Deakin Cloud programme. Deakin University Australia announced that they are launching Deakin Cloud in India. Deakin Cloud is an Online system where working professionals have the option to study online courses with the University at their convenience. The Cloud will connect the students of India to various highly trained lecturers, professors and associates. The student of Deakin Cloud, in India, are also eligible for a bursary of 2000 Australian Dollars.

A unique feature has been launched by Deakin cloud in India which will enable students to pursue a graduation certification course that has a duration of 12 months. One of the major selling points of the course is that the students can pursue the course, i.e. a four point credit course, at a quarter of the cost that they would have had to pay if they pursued the course at the physical campus of Deakin University in Australia.

The students will also be offered a facility of DeakinSync which is a personalised online portal for the students to not only cordinate and share various resources like notes but also providing next level of communication with them like access to online classes, downloaded seminars and webinars as well as high-quality study material.

In a recent press release by Professor Jane den Hollander AO, the President and Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, she says that the cloud is a way to allow those professionals who, due to their commitment, find it difficult to pursue a full-time course. The interested candidates of India will be provided with flexible timings which they can frame around their commitments. The Cloud will also help the students to take their examinations from various locations from around the world.

Currently Deakin cloud would be providing to students are graduate courses in Humanitarian Aid, Hospital Management and entrepreneurship courses as well, says the CEO of South Asia and Deputy Vice President of Global Engagement of Deakin University. They also plan to incorporate courses in Cyber Security, Sports and IT.

One of the main unique features that are provided by Dealin Cloud is that whenever the students requires or need for mentoring or to clear doubts, the lecturers will be in touch with them so as to support them with feedback and class materials as well. Further, the students will be provided with Library and Information Technology Support throughout the day.

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