Microsoft India launches Free Online Course on Cloud Computing and Data Protection

The course has been launched in collaboration with myLaw, which offers comprehensive online law certificates in India. The new course will help students, business or legal professionals understand better the basics of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), security and cloud.

The free online course is expected to create greater awareness about cloud computing in areas such as GDPR, data protection, and security.

Microsoft India has recently announced the launch of free online courses on cloud computing, with the goal to build awareness around the technology in areas such as data protection regulations, security, and compliance.

To launch this programme, Microsoft has partnered with myLaw, a firm started in 2010, which provides free self-learning legal courses. According to the company, this initiative will enable students, business and legal professionals, and overall legal and compliance communities to understand data protection, the basics of GDPR, security and best practices around cloud better.

The first phase of this course titled ‘Cloud Computing – Data Protection Regulation’, will consist querries that emerges in the context of privacy and data protection, including the transfer of data across transnational cloud computing networks, data protection and data security. This course will emphasize on how regulations such as the GDPR and Indian data security laws are looking to address issues in these areas.

The second phase of the course, ‘Cloud Computing – Data Protection Compliance’, will provide the legal fraternity with tools and practical insights required to meet the heightened privacy and security standards set out under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Indian IT Act (2000) and other regulatory frameworks and system that are important to the modern data economy.

Microsoft India and myLaw have jointly designed and created the entire coursework for the programme, which has a short run time of two to three hours. The audio-visual course also provides additional downloadable supplementary content and reference materials for learners.

Keshav Dhakad, Director & Assistant General Counsel, Corporate, External & Legal Affairs (CELA), Microsoft India, said, “Microsoft has been at the forefront of building awareness around the benefits of cloud services and the importance of privacy and security. As India’s digital transformation accelerates, it is clear to us that equipping and empowering the right person with the right knowledge and skill is crucial to sustain the digital economy.”

Nikhil Chandra, Founder & CEO of myLaw, said, “As a platform focused on professional learning and skills, we want to provide students and professionals access to high-quality learning on the most industry-relevant areas of law and regulation. With heightened awareness about the privacy of personal information and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force recently, this short-duration free course, featuring easy-to-understand videos and application-based questions for self-assessment, will be invaluable for professionals across the board.”

The platform will also feature the latest newsfeed and updates on Data Protection Regulation on a monthly basis.

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