India’s Unemployment Crisis: 33% of India’s Skilled Youth Jobless

Nearly one in three youths formally trained under the Centre’s Skill India initiative were jobless in 2017-18, shows data from the Periodic Labour Force Survey. The unemployment rate among freshers was even higher at 40%, suggesting many dropped out of the workforce after a futile job search. Coverage was another challenge, with just 1.8% of the population getting formal training in 2017-18. The reasons: Overambitious targets and inadequate monitoring of funds, among others. Earlier, the government said just two in 10 candidates trained under Skill India flagship Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna had got placed.

33% of India’s skilled youth jobless: official survey. Four out of 10 youth who received vocational training are out of the labour force, and a significant chunk of those in the workforce remain unemployed.

One main reason why such a large section of ‘skilled’ workers were out of the labour force could be the difficulty in searching a job. Around 33% of the formally trained youth was unemployed in 2017-18. Nearly a third of trained young men and more than a third of trained young women are without jobs from a long time.

The unemployment rate among newly trained youth, who just finished training during the previous year, was even higher at 40%. With these high unemployment rates, it is likely that many young men and women have shifted out of the labour force altogether after a fruitless job search.

Depends on the match between what the corporate world requires and what the institutions train them for.Most students FORGET what they’ve been trained in and can’t respond to questions or situations.This will keep happening till the students start owning their LEARNING.

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Skill India is a big waste of money and resources. Very poorly managed. There is no proper industry participation.This ministry could have done wonders but has done little for the youth or for the nation. These specialized jobs cannot be handled by bureaucrats. There is a huge demand for the rightly trained candidate and Skill India is unable map the supply demand chain end to end. There is also a gap in the education system. All scientific education is in English which is known to less than 15% of population . Hence a strategic approach to bridge the knowledge divide has to be worked out with education department in tandem. An idle youth is a double loss for the nation. He is not only unemployed but has potential to be misused.

How many youth take up the training offered by Skill India and then refuse or decline to work? Just as there is free education but there is a big drop out rate. This issue has to be ascertained before drawing conclusions.

Having the Skills and getting a job are 2 different things. Yes, skills are required, but having skills is not enough. Candidates have to learn communication skills as well as interviewing skills.

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Its sad that most of Government initiatives only look at the cost and not at the results.

But does the government have an alternative plan? Sitharaman’s budget speech at least gave no indication that the government has a credible plan to address India’s unemployment challenge.

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