Indian Army to cut 150,000 Jobs over the Next Five Years

The Indian Army may cut 150,000 jobs over the next five years. The move, Hindustan Times reports, is aimed at sharpening the force’s effectiveness and transforming it into an agile war-fighting machinery. As part of the exercise, various verticals such as directorates, logistics units, communications, and repair facilities could be merged or revamped, the report said. Last month, the government redeployed 57,000 soldiers in combat roles to improve the army’s tooth-to-tail ratio (the number of soldiers on the front line versus those in administrative and logistics roles) from a poor 1:1.15 to 1:1 or better.

The Indian Army may cut 27,000 jobs in non-core units, Times of India reports, citing unidentified sources. The move could bring down the annual cost bill by ₹1,600 crore and is part of a larger plan to transform the Army’s operations. Officers and soldiers deployed in organisations such as Military Engineer Services, National Cadet Corps and Border Roads Organisation may get affected. India’s land force receives 54% of the country’s defense budget but only 17% goes into force modernization — the lion’s share is spent on salaries and daily costs.

Already officer’s shortage in Indian Army! Since 1990: More than 15,000 brave hearts: martyred in protecting Jammu and Kashmir:
Many many Indian Army personnel injured in the process of securing J&K!
This incumbent government is doing to introducing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is good but not at the cost of Indian Army personnel!
India is still not ready for full fledged, AI network, hence in future, should be depending upon the foreign players to run the system in peace & war: eventually, risking the Indian defence system at the hands of foreign players!

Also pension obligation after OROP has increased the outflow from the exchequer. Across the world military men have a higher life expectancy compared to their civilian counterparts. These Indian jawans retire at the age of 35-40 and later most of them do not find productive careers. The policy makers have to come with innovative ways of utilizing their services in better ways.

We must look our Economy and take care to improve it, because of rising issues and adoption of wrong policies to misuse and abuse public money by political parties for vote bank. We know western Countries are mostly inclined to their own business interests. South East Asian Countries are being united & making common approaches for Asian Market . China is ahead in this race. It tries to stop US / Western countries in this race in South East Asia. Trump is saying that China & India are already a developed state lot. He must be high during press conference. WTO must look at our third rated infrastructure and medical care nowhere comparable to US. Advanced economy is a big issue as UN reported in 2018 that India has highest unemployment rate in the last 45 yrs. We Indians must be careful and alert on rising issues by US and think for self dependence caring little for others help for prosperity of India.

It is a good move by the Indian Army. Austerity measures are needed to decrease in expenditure. It would be needed even in State and Central Government undertakings too. There should be a number of people who may not be contributing efficiently.

Future is less human & more machines. Just for example Pilot less firing planes of USAF & Air craft carriers loaded with ICBMs of Russia.

Military spending us wasteful to begin with. I think Pakistan and India use Kashmir as an excuse to fund their military at the expense of their social programs. Compared with China, they look like poorly run economies.

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